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Vivivybes does audio recording, mixing, and editing. They came to us looking for ongoing help wiht building their brand. The challenge for us was to develope a modern brand that not only fits in the music industry, but can also stand out in the professional business world as well.

How We're Helping

Full Branding Package

We started by working with them from the foundation; they had the idea, but didn't begin yet. We worked with them to build their brand from the ground up, starting with the name. From there, we worked to create their branding, building their website, and shooting photos and videos.

Everything that you see on their website from the logo, the branding "theme", the images, and they icons where all done by us. This is one of our favorite projects that we are working on and are looking forward to continue to grow their business.

We are doing this by working with them on an ongoing basis to continue to create content and grow their business. We're helping them do this through weekly strategy sessions, marketing, content creation, and general consulting.

How we are working with them is one of the best examples of what we can do for your business. Working with them from the beginning has allowed us to really dive into their brand and create something stunning. They havent launched yet, but stay tuned to see our full work when they are ready to launch.