5 Reasons You Need To Update Your Website

Is your website something you love?

If you answered no, then stop reading this and reach out to us right now here! We can help you create a website that looks good, works great, and accurately represents your brand. Your website is the 24/7/365 employee that is the foundation to your brand online. It promotes you and your brand all day every day. It’s your lead sales person. Make sure that it is doing the job effectively.

If you relate to some of these reasons below, you should seriously think about updating your website:

  1. It Doesn’t Reflect Your Brand

    If your website doesn’t look or feel the same as the rest of your brand or the product that you offer, you need to update your website. Your site is the foundation of your business online; it’s where you sell your products, educate your customers, and tells your story. It promotes you 24/7 online. If people are seeing one thing throughout your social media, marketing, and your product but your website feels completely different, you’re going to lose the interest on your potential customers.

  2. You’re Not Attracting The Right People

    The purpose of your website is to inform the visitors and sell them your product or service. Similar to point #1, if you’re website is not up to par, you will not be attracting the right people, which at that point you might as well not have a website at all. You need to know who your target audience is first and then you can cater your website to them and solidify yourself in your market. A great and simple way to do this if you don’t want to do a whole redesign is to look at the types of images you’re using, the words you’re using throughout your site, and even the colors you’re using.

  3. The Tech Is Out Of Date

    Outdated technology can dramatically affect the performance of your site and the user experience. The digital world is always changing and web standards are changing with it every year. If your website is around two years old, you probably need to update it as yoru most likely strides behind your competitors who update it frequently. It may have code that slows your site down, and may not be compatible with updated browsers and web standards.

  4. Mobile Friendly

    This one should be obvious. If your site isn’t mobile friendly or looks horrendous on mobile, your NEED to update it. Now over 60% of website traffic happens on mobile devices. This is even more crucial if a majority of your marketing is via Facebook and Instagram as people are most likely scrolling through these on their phones. You can look at what most of your visitors are using in terms of type of device using Google Analytics or a similar tracker. If a majority of users are browsing on mobile, you should really take a look at how your site functions on mobile.

  5. Call To Actions

    Does your site ask your visitors to do anything? If there are no clear paths or objectives for your sites viewers, they will look at the homepage for a few seconds and then leave. The second someone lands on your website you need to suck them in. There should be a clear call to action that hits them in the face when the first get on your site. Pull them in, give them some information, make them click, and then make them contact you or buy a product. This is the purpose of a website and if yours doesn’t have clear call to actions, you need to update your site.

These are just a few reasons why you should update your website, there are hundreds of more small reasons and things you can do to improve yoru site. However, if you think about these and apply them to your site, you will be off to a great start going into 2020!

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