Why Small Businesses Need Video Marketing


Look around you, there is video content everywhere. Online, billboards, TV, you name it, the world today is consuming video content at an astounding rate.

Most small businesses don't event think about video marketing because it sounds crazy to them, but the fact of the matter is that creating video content can open up so may doors and ways to reach, entertain, and educate your customers. Despite the world rapidly swarming towards video content, from my experience, I see a few recurring reasons why small businesses shy away from video marketing:

  • They think that they cannot afford to create consistent videos
  • They don't know where to begin
  • Or they don't have the equipment and/or time 

However, in today's world these are very small barriers that are easy to break down.

Creating high quality video is no longer just for the big corporate guys with a lot of money. Technology has come a long way in a short time which has made getting quality video content that engages their customers more accessible than ever.

Let me break down some of the reasons why your small business must start harnessing the power of video marketing:


When selling your product or service online, you loose that face-to-face and personal touch that you get when presenting your offering in person. This makes gaining your customers trust much more difficult which builds another barrier when trying to sell them your offering. 

Creating video content can help communicate to the customer what you're offering and what problem it can solve. It also gives them something to look at, your breaking down that initial, non-personal barrier that comes with selling online. 

Video gives you the opportunity to thoroughly explain what it is you do or what it is you sell.


Think about that one ad that you saw years ago that you can remember every detail of? That's because 80% of users remember videos that they see online. Can you say the same thing about blog posts, or social media posts? Probably not.

There's hundreds of thousands of small businesses posting content everywhere all of the time. Every day. Every second. We live in a world where we have access to pretty much everything, but that leads to a world that is overcrowded. However, with statistics like this, we can see that there is still a way to stand out in the crowd.

We just have to harness it.


When you can access the entire internet, it seems like you would be able to sell unthinkable amounts, but that's not necessarily true. Whether your selling products or services, having a massive pool to choose from won't always cut it. It actually makes it more difficult; it's like going to an ice cream shop because they have 50 flavors but when you get in there you have no idea which one you want because there are so many. 

You need a sound, well thought out marketing strategy and video needs to be a part of it. 

According to Video Brewery, 65% of people who view a video visit the marketers website after viewing and 64% are more likely to buy a product after seeing a video. That's insane.

If you look at that, it looks to me like video content is a great way to increase traffic and sales.


Look around you. Everyone of all ages is on their phone. Even your grandma. In fact, mobile users are actually winning in the attention span competition over desktop users. 

Yes, you heard me right.

Mobile users tend to watch videos for 2.4 - 3 minutes depending on the device, versus the average of 2 minutes for desktop users. Think about how much value and information you could provide in that much time.

When thinking about this, small business owners should have a mobile first mentality when it comes to their content and marketing strategy. The best time to win a customer is when they are actively looking for what you are offering, and an elevated attention span is something you can use to your advantage.


Okay, so you may not be selling a product that people use daily. You may be selling a service, a house, a car, or something that requires more of a sales process where you need to collect leads. 

Well according to a study that an Australian real estate group did, having a video to use in marketing lead to 403% more leads than listing that didn't take advantage of video. Yes, that's 4 times as many emails in your inbox, calls to your phone, etc. What could you do with 4 times as many leads?


Stuck of being on the second page of Google? Well, Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, and guess what, it's owned by Google. 

Having videos on your website help you access highly ranked keywords that your normal website and blog post SEO can't quite access. This is something that not many marketers, small businesses especially, haven't really explored recently. 

As long as you make sure to put in some video SEO into your video, just put it up online and add it to your website and you're good to go! You'll be on the front page of Google above your competitors in no time.


Okay, I'm sick of all the stats and hardcore sales stuff. The best part about making videos is that you can invite people into your company and show your customers who you are! Video allows you to open yourself up and show what is at the heart of what you do. When it comes down to it, people aren't just buying another product or service (there are hundreds of others that offer the same thing you do) they're choosing to go to your because they like YOU, they like your brand and what you stand. 

So with everything else put on hold, making videos is just a great way to invite people into your business and show them who you are!