A quick summary of our pricing and services.

These prices are just rough starting points. Once we get in touch and talk more about your project and its needs, we will be able to give you a more accurate quote. It could cost more, or less depeding on what you need to get your project done.

Video Production

video production.

"Jared is amazing! He goes above and beyond a simple job to make sure that what he puts together is high quality and to my liking. He's patient, flexible and prompt in his response time - which is a dream for type A people like me! I'd highly recommend him to anyone. Great customer service. Great quality. Great local business you should support!"

- Lauren, Owner of Essence One



Up To 3 Hours of Coverage (one day)
1-2 Minute Final Video
30 Second Condensed Video
Basic Editing

Starting at $300

Full Production

Up To 16 Hours of Coverage (2 full days)
2-4 Minute Final Video
30 Second & 1 Minuet Condensed Video
Professional Editing
Licensed Audio
Second Cameraman / Grips
Audio Team & Professional Mastering
Location Scouting / Rental
Hired Talent

Starting at $3,800

Small Campaign

Up To 8 Hours of Coverage
2-3 Minute Final Video
1 Minuet Condensed Video
Advanced Editing
Licensed Audio

Starting at $1,500


How It Works.

When working with Wolderman, you can expect a professional but fun experience. We are a small group of creatives that deliver high quality projects. When starting a video project with us, you can expect us to help execute your vision, while providing our own professional input to bring a side to the project to take the project to the next level.

Step 1: Have a phone call or in person meeting to discuss the details of the project. Once we do that, our team will have a better understanding of what exactly you are looking for.

Step 2: Our team will create a detailed proposal for you laying out everything you need to know about pricing, the final deliverables, and the timeline that you can expect.

Step 3: If the proposal looks good, we will each sign it and we then ask for a down payment. Once the down payment is made, it’s game time.

Step 4: Creating a production plan so that you and our team are on the same page about how the day will go. This is also when we will lock in a day(s) to film.

Step 5: On set! This is the step where we get together and pump out a lot of content (fueled by coffee). All of the filming happens on this day(s).

Step 6: The joys of editing. Our team sits down and we start going through all of the content and put it together. We start making rough cuts of the video(s).

Step 7: Feedback time! We send all of the rough cuts to you to get your feedback. If there are some changes that you would like, this is where you can tell us. If they look good, even better!

Step 8: Making revisions and delivering the final videos. If you asked for revisions is Step 7, we will make them during this step. We will then deliver you the final video(s)!

Step 9: Celebrate! We'll even buy the champagne if it's a full production project! ;)

Website Design & Development

website design and development.

simple website

Squarespace Website
5 Pages Max
Basic Design

Starting at $500

advanced website

Squarespace or Wordpress Wesbite
10 Pages Max
Custom HTML and CSS

Starting at $1,000

full custom site

Custom Design
Full Development
Hosted on Wordpress

Starting at $4,000




4 Hours of Coverage
15-20 Final Photos
Professional Editing

Starting at $300

full production shoot

8 Hours of Coverage
Rental Studio Space
100-150 Final Images
Professional Editing

Starting at $2,700

product photos

20 Products
2 Final Photos of Each Product
Professional Editing

Starting at $300