We've been around for just over two years now and we are starting to become a leading independent creative agency for small businesses. Helping with everything from video production, photography, digital, design, and more.

We specialize in working with small businesses that are ready to invest in their brand and marketing content. We're small as well, so when we work together, we grow together. We want to create the content just as bad as you do and are just as committed to each and every video we create and relationship we build.


The Team.

We're small, but we do awesome work.

Jared Nanasy

Owner / Creative Director

Jose Rodriguez

Lead Audio Engineer

BrieAnna Lindquist

Graphic Design


Based in Minneapolis.

We're still small, so we don't have an office..yet.. However, we don't see this as a bad thing. It means less overhead costs, which means lower prices for clients, which means smilling faces all around. But that doesn't mean we aren't striving to grow; our goal is to have a small location somewhere in the Cities beginning in 2019. So real estate agents, send us a message!